What’s On Mario’s Playlist?

I’m running through my second time in Mass Effect going Renegade and femShep. Partially to get the achievement, but let’s be honest with ourselves: being an asshole is way more fun in a video game then trying to play 100% goodie-goodie. And after trying to negotiate with an Alliance solder making sexist remarks, the jackass deserved to die.

*bleep* +25 Renegade.


What the heck does this have to do with music? I’m getting to it. I installed the “Bringing Down the Sky” add-on. I had points just sitting there of no use to me. It was cheap and at least the points got used. Well as I drove around the rock, discovering the random small bases and what not, one station allowed me to flip a switch and pipe in the Citadel music into my helmet which lead me to this: what would Sheppard have playing in his/her helmet? I even addressed this, half-hazard-like with Master Chief a few weeksago. (I still contend that he would not listen to The Darkness.)

What would our wonderful video game characters really listen to, if given the option? I’m sure even Mario is so sick of his music he’d be happy to listen to something else. Anything else!

So let’s start out with the legendary plumber – (dripping with irony, but if you ignore the lyrics the music would be Mario’s speed):

  •  “We Come Running” Youngblood Hawke
  •  “Ba wit da ba” Kid Rock
  • “Afternoon Delight” Starland Vocal Band
  • “Learn to Fly” The Foo Fighters
  •  “Gold on the Ceiling” The Black Keys

Link (Legend of Zelda):

  • “Cherry Pie” Warrant
  • “When You Were Young” The Killers
  • “Paradise City” Guns n’Roses
  • “Trouble” Cold Play
  • “Nothin’ But A Good Time” Poison

Cecil (FF4) - Assuming he ever got tired of Uematsu’s music, in which case he’s nuts:

  • “Personnel Jesus” Depeche Mode
  • “Boys Don’t Cry” The Cure
  • “Lump” The Presidents of the United States of America
  • “This Charming Man” The Smiths
  • “Joey” Concrete Blonde

M. Bison (Street Fighter) – Villains need music in their lives:

  • “Whole Lotta’ Love” Led Zepplin.
  • “We Are The Champions” Queen
  • “Rolling the Stone” Adele
  • “Brown Sugar” The Rolling Stones
  • Guile’s Theme (It does go with everything.)

Master Chief (Halo) – This, I admit, is a challenge. He could go the obvious or completely random, so here are two playlists:


  • “Back in Black” ACDC
  • “Bark at the Moon” Ozzy Ozbourne
  • “Stairway to Heaven” Led Zepplin
  • “Bohemian Rhapsody” Queen
  • “All Along the Watchtower” Jimi Hendrix

Not So Obvious:

  • “Imperial March” John Williams
  • “Symphony No. 20” Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • “Symphony No. 9” Ludwig van Beethoven
  • “World Theme” from Final Fantasy VI Nobuo Uematsu
  • Guile’s Theme (Again, it goes with everything.)

Lara Croft:

  • “Steady, As She Goes” The Raconteurs
  • “Madness” Muse
  • “Jumper” Third Eye Blind
  • “My Own Worst Enemy” Lit
  • “Swallowed” Bush

Fun list is fun!