Monday, December 17, 2012

In Respect To Those Lost

I knew it the moment that I heard the story that Fox News would find some way to tie in video game and media violence to the Connecticut school shooting. Interesting that they always want to blame media for airing violence, and look at what they report on? Hmmm. 

Ok. I’m not going to make this a political piece. A lot of people have long since begun to play the blame games. Ever the disbarred Jack Thompson had to throw in his point of view. 

Whatever you think or feel about gun control in the U.S., this is what should matter: These were the actions of one man. There has always been violence, anger, hate, suffering, death, and happiness, cheer, joy, and love. Billions of us have gone through life without having that thought that killing another human being is acceptable. Millions of us play video games every day and never once thought about picking up a real gun to harm another. Don’t lay blame on everything and everyone except the man holding the gun. A gun is a tool. The person who yields it is the one that makes the ultimate decision on what to do with it, not violence in the media, not video games, not movies, not the NRA or the PTA. That person holding the gun should be the focus. Just like someone getting into their car after a night of heavy drinking. They made the choice to get behind the wheel drunk. They made the choice to try and drive home drunk. And they should bear full responsibility for whatever happens while behind the wheel.

The actions of one should not dictate the view of many.


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