Monday, December 03, 2012

Katamari Is In A Museum!

Permanent collection. Right there. Score.

As an extension of the Smithsoian’s Art of Video Games, The Modern Museum of Art has added 14 games to their permanent collection as a part of their interaction design selection

The selection of games might confuse some of you, because they’re not all popular material. A few of these games are small-fry’s/independents. The focus on the collection was the unique design elements each game presents that are uncommon. Katamari Damacy gave us a completely different gaming experience and control scheme unlike anything we have seen before. Or flow, a very simple visual concept with incredibly detailed algorithms that would make Call of Duty pee its pants.

I also feel that there are artistic elements to the games selected that are unusual. They’re not copy/pastes of what was already out there. At their time they were different and stood out. It caused some of us to scratch our heads, and open our minds to new design. The Modern Art plans to add more in the future, but I like the start.


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