Monday, December 31, 2012


Ouya Touch. The system is pretty tiny.

Remember that Ouya console Kickstarter program? It’s heading out to potential Developers that have donated enough money to begin producing content. One has taken the time to give an in-depth overview of the system and the possibilities. 

The system is based off of the Android platform and allows users to hook up and play, downloading content from a web store. There are no discs. No boxes of games to manager. Everything is in the console.

As a whole, it looks relatively simple and the developer notes that there are some nifty features to help create titles. You’ll notice fast that the Phone Android version was used versus the Tablet. Why? Don’t know. Could be a development thing that the tablet wasn’t handy at the time of inception.

Another fun fact: The controllers do not have a Start, Select, or Menu option. You have to pre-program these into the game. A lot of people have been buzzing about this system, so I would be curious to see what content is developed over the next few months.


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