Friday, December 28, 2012

Simple Heart of Ralph

Rich Moore, director of the Walt Disney film Wreck-It-Ralph, took a moment to write a piece for the NYTimes regarding his gaming experience, what inspired him to create Ralph, and, of course, what he plays.

It's a simple article, but it also expresses what I love about Disney. They allow their creators to be big kids by following their hearts. Moore was a man of the arcade generation. He knew the quirks of the coins and why we're all gaga for QBert. And he expressed it quite well in the film. That's passion people! Why can't more movie studios be like this and let people follow their dreams/inspirations/ideas to their end? Instead we get a slew of squeals, remakes, and movies based off of other things.

Oh, and apparently he really wanted to play Skyrim this year. But you can't blame him that he had to wait so long. He was kind of making a movie.


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