Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Video Game Co-Created by Skynet...I Mean AI

I don't know if this is a step up from HAL.

I’m telling you all. If the Matrix doesn’t happen at the rate we’re going, we are already in it.

Michael Cook, a PhD student from Britain’s Imperial College has launched a video game that was developed in part by an AI named Angelina. She, or it, automates the process by learning from other video games, picking apart features, and rejoining them into a new product. It sounds cool, even though Angelina is limited to arcade platforms because her algorithm is still in the early stages.

Cook does acknowledge that the system isn’t perfect. Angelina does not have the ability to gauge difficulty levels or how humans will interpret a product after use. To help “advance” Angelina, Cook has designed a system that gives her/it an impossible task. She must then use video games to create a program to overcome the task. The hope is that this will better prepare her/it with developing future games for humans.

It is multiple levels of creepy and interesting. From a programming element, it’s interesting to see how an AI is able to create a game, but still referring to the human entity to create the elements of design, difficulty, and connection. But still…creepy. AI’s are taking over.

The game itself is ok. Not good or bad. A Puzzling Present is a basic 2-D puzzle game, if you couldn’t tell the subject by the title. Angelina has a lot to learn. I’d be curious to see how her/its games develop over the years. Again. Creepy.


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