Friday, December 07, 2012

Video Games Are Still Making A Profit

Apparently sales dropped by 11% from last year. Even with the sales numbers outranking the predecessors. Black Ops 2 beat its $1 billion total by one day earlier from last year. Halo 4 raked it in, in a quarter of the time of Halo 3. So the numbers are there. So why are sales slipping?

A combo of fewer games are being purchased in bulk and slower console sales. Most people already have the system that they want. The new holiday bundles for Xbox 360 and PS3 are selling moderately. The Wii-U was just released, and the sale are doing pretty decently. The industry is still turning a profit. It’s just not AS BIG as it was last year.

I think that’s where people are forgetting their focus. You see these stories about “this business dropped sales at 20%” or “that business is down 35%” to throw out the scare tactics. They very rarely focus on the fact that those numbers are being compared to the same sales dates as the previous year, when the economy and market were very different. Hell the economy is a lot different today then what it was yesterday. Unleaded gas at the station near my home was $3.06 two days ago. Today it’s $2.98.

A lot of things can happen to a market within the span of a month. Image the span of a year. So while yes, the sales from November are not the same as the sales from 2011 November, the industry is still turning a profit. And big ones. Billion dollar sales for games is nothing to scoff at. I think it’s doing just fine. But if they want the numbers like they had in the past, they’re going to need to give us new content.


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