Monday, January 28, 2013

China’s Weird Console Ban May Be Lifted

It started way back in 2000 as a means of preventing corruption of their children. You know that whole China dominance on every part of their country and society. Whatever your views may be, it’s pretty extreme. A little ironic that the country makes most, if not all, of the gaming consoles is also the one to ban them from being sold.

Since then, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have been looking for loopholes. Using cell phones and online gaming as a way to get into the Chinese network. And it may have worked. Just recently the government gave an approval to the PS3, meaning it didn’t have any of that weird ass Big Brother tracking technology that it doesn’t want among their citizens. Unless the government intentionally puts it in there, but that’s a different matter. 

China is a big market. Huge. Ignoring the black market sales of video games and consoles, if any of the big 3 can nab even just 1% of the market that’s still 1,344,000 in sales of systems. Yeah. Woah. Money problems? We don’t have them anymore!

This isn’t official and hasn’t been confirmed; the story was released to China Daily and says the policy is being reviewed. It also requires going through 7 ministries for the rule to be removed. But! A possibility to revive the market.


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