Thursday, January 24, 2013

Chris Hardwick on DICE, Games, and Nerds

I like Chris. He’s not only a smart man that took his passion and made it into a career, he’s genuinely a nice guy and gets really excited when he interviews people we geeks would die to meet. I met him at WonderCon 2 years ago, just before a Doctor Who panel. He has a natural charm about him that is difficult to resist.

With his booming Nerdist podcast, website, YouTube empire and his G4 credentials, he would make a great fit for the DICE awards, taking the place of Jay Mohr. Jay also has gamer cred, and typically hosts events at Blizzcon.

DICE is a gathering of 3 award groups: Game Developers Choice Awards, IGF Awards, and Annual Interactive Achievement Awards. It’s considered the “pure one” in the spectrum of the video game awards. Where Spike TV’s is the “unholy demon spawn” that focuses on glitz and celebrities. DICE won’t be aired this year with the cuts to G4, but you can find it streamed online live through MachinmaLive at 10pm ET on February 7.

So! A perfect time to interview Chris and see what’s up. To start off, if you don’t know anything about Chris he’s not like Jay Mohr at Blizzcon. He’s not about “roasting” the crowd but poking fun lightly at himself and nerd culture. If you Google his Comedy Central special from 2012, that’s what you’re going to get. What I found interesting about his interview is his perception on why we can’t have a cohesive and worth-while gaming awards show like The Oscars.

“I think what's difficult is that the audience of video games is so splintered, because people are so, so, so passionate about their video games; way more passionate than folks are about television or film,”

That never occurred to me, but he has a point. As a film nerd, we don’t typically get so involved in a discussion that it turns into a message board flame war, but you do with video games. The film community is very accepting of each other, no matter the differences, and feels an obligation to come together. Gamers…we’re all dicks. Sorry. We are. I’m a dick. You’re a dick. Everyone’s a dick. We all get so wound up in our games that we can’t see past them and accept others. “You play Borderlands? That game sucks. Go play a real FPS.” And then nerd rage commences.

Read the interview, it’s worth the time. Chris Hardwick, I’m totally ok with naming you the Nerd Prince, or Princess. Feel free to pick your poison. 


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