Thursday, January 31, 2013

EA Speaking Out Against Critics Of Violent Games

Shit. EA. Don’t. Just. Step away from the discussion. Please. You’re just going to make things worse. A lot of people don’t like you. Or at least, I don’t like you and I know you’re capable of “foot in mouth syndrome.” Let the rest of us handle it, ok?

John Riccitello, EA’s chief exec and chair of the ESRB US division spoke during a conference call with investors last week, that instead of talking numbers, it went into video game violence. Now John is a firm believer that there isn’t enough evidence to link violent games with aggressive and violent behavior in the real world. That’s good John. We appreciate that as the chief exec of the largest game developer in the Western world. And that there seems to be a “perception issue” with the blame game we’re currently enveloped in. And yes, the industry does need to step up and show that the image the media portrays them is incorrect.

Ok John. You’re focusing for once. What’s going on?

Oh. That backlash from game developers having ties to gun makers is still stirring things up?  I guess that would make sense on why you’re trying so hard. Well, do that more often if you could please. Gamers and other developers would appreciate it. Thanks!


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