Friday, January 25, 2013

Logitech Discontinuing Console Accessories

After a disappointing quarter and seeing the market change for gaming peripherals, Logitech has decided to stop producing accessories for game consoles. CEO Bracken P. Darrell announced that the company is shifting directions and they have “identified a number of product categories that no longer fit” with where they’re going. The includes remote controls, video security, and speaker docks to name a few.

Darrell mentions the PC market as well and it sounds like some of those accessories might be removed too. Nothing confirmed but crap. There goes my plan to buy a new headset. Other brand names over the years have emerged when Logitech was the only name in town. Giotek, Razer, Steel Series, and Turtle Beach among the dozens of others. And with gaming accessories for consoles, most of us tend to stick to the ones provided by the console makers directly: Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. Not to mention a number of those Logitech accessories typically were only good for 1 or 2 games and not to the wide spectrum.

So if you have one of these products, I’m 99.99% certain that you won’t get a refund, but I’m sure they can still be serviced and provide tech support.


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