Thursday, January 10, 2013

SOS Game Burn Canned

Well that video game burning plan has been cancelled, thank goodness. The SouthingtonSOS released a statement that they achieved their goal by getting families to talk about violent video games, so they don’t need to continue with their plan. Oh and they couldn’t really work out the logistics of the $25 voucher deal.

aka, they weren’t anticipating this much response (really guys? Do you not have the internet in your town?) and realized really fast that they were going to lose a butt-ton of money. $25 per game? Go to a GameStop, grab up all of the used games, and make out like a bandit.

But in this insanity, we are seeing more discussion about video games on a scholastic level that haven’t turned into bickering back and forth. Even San Fran is getting back on my good side; thanks guys. I’m really surprised at The New Republic in their piece because we typically don’t agree on things. Except this time they brought to the table playacting. Just Google “Children Lean Through Playing” and you’ll come across thousands of articles about this subject. For so many of us we learn about the world around us through playing. We work out our thoughts, feelings, life, death, love, friendship, war, by playacting. It’s more then what any school, any news report, or any parent can teach us. Video games are another extension of playacting. By taking them away children will be left with nothing. No seriously. Do you know how many schools have banned using sticks or making a fake gun using their hand? 0 tolerance policy. It’s stupid. Sorry, there no eloquence there. Stupid is the only word to really describe it. But back to the point, by taking away video games, children will no longer have an outlet to be able to understand the world around them, thus doing more damage and voiding the reason for getting rid of them in the first place.

I’m glad there is discussion such as this going on. Let’s keep it active. I’ll throw in a personal story soon enough.


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