Thursday, January 17, 2013

Video Games May Be Labeled, Taxed, and Coralled Like Cigarettes

Oh hell. A House Representative from Utah is proposing abill that would prevent the sale and rental of adult video games to children. Didn’t we try this already in California and didn’t the Supreme Court rule against the state for infringement on First Amendment rights, amongst other issues. I’m still waiting on someone, anyone, to tell me how they plan to police such actions. It would put most retailers, or those with online outlets, out of business. You can’t sell cigarettes online, so you can’t sell video games online either if kids can get them.

Some state reps are considering putting more warning labels on video games, in a same fashion like cigarettes. Others are proposing a 1% tax on all video games. Again, like cigarettes.

While the White House is looking to fund research with the CDC regarding violence in the media and children, they have been up front that there are no direct links at this time and taxing and labeling them isn’t going to resolve the issues. In fact, it’s probably going to cause more problems when you think about it. How many jobs are going to be lost with these labels?

And the current ratings system is perfectly fine. Parents need to be parents and stop caving in to their kids demands. Not that violence in games is that big of a deal. Seriously. I’m proof that it’s totally ok to play violent video games and come out a successful human being. Retailers of video games are some of the best at “policing” sales of the products. GameStop has a 0 tolerance policy towards it. You sell to anything M or above to someone under 17, you’re fired. BustBuy, Walmart, Target, a lot of locations follow this same procedure. I still get carded anytime I purchase an M rated product at a store. And I’m ok with this! Compared to cd’s and movies, video games are probably the most controlled when it comes to sales with retailers. How are kids getting the violent games? Talk to mom, dad, and relatives.

But really, do I need to say anything other than the Supreme Court has said “no connection” between violent games and violence in children? The Supreme Court. Of the U.S. Argument done. Toss out your silly bills and laws. Sometimes I wonder if I’m a Republican’s worse nightmare.

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