Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2/20/13 PlayStation Meeting

It’s been assumed that Sony is going to announce “officially” that PS4’s are coming soon. Joystiq and EnGadget will be broadcasting live outside of the location in New York City, NY starting at 4pm Eastern tonight.  The actual event will start at 6pm Eastern. Several sources will be liveblogging as well. 

What is this event and who is it open to and why is it not in Japan? The event is for stock and shareholders who are invested in the company. There may be sprinkles of a few game developers in the crowd. Typically Sony has these on a yearly basis around February to March so it’s not uncommon. Why is it not in Japan? No idea. If the announcement is the PS4, it is odd to hold it in the U.S. and not at E3.

So Sony fanboys, start your drooling!


  1. I'm kinda shock I haven't gotten a ps3 yet. My have the years flown, I might just wait for the ps4.

    1. It really doesn't seem that long ago that it was released, but it's been 6 years. And when Sony has been so focused on a 10-year life-cycle for it's consoles, picking up a PS1 and PS2 years down the road doesn't seem so crazy.

      Knowing that the PS4 will have the potential for backwards compatibility, you're better off waiting now. lol

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