Thursday, February 14, 2013

Guardian, Where Art Thou?

Yeah. We're tired of waiting too.

Do people still care about The Last Guardian? They keep pushing back the release for a game that started back in 2007, with actual development in 2009.  We’re at the point now where a lot of us have forgotten about the Ico and Shadow of the Colossus wonder-power.

Since Fumito Uedo left Sony in 2011, the game’s future has been hanging in the air. He is still a consultant on the project and in this recent interview with the Latinos Post, it’s still at the top of his mind on a game he wishes to complete. 

Cool. Awesome. We’re not going to see it for another 5 years aren’t we? Look I’m all for creative and innovative gaming, but we’re at the point where The Last Guardian is beyond its “last” legs. A lot of us have stopped paying attention. 4 years since its announcement. We’ve seen the same footage at E3 for it. Lots of leadership changes and the product being passed around. If it’s going to release, it needs to happen now or never. Creativity does not take this long to process when the story, the design, the mechanics, everything is set. And I don’t think Sony would be sitting on this product for so long when they know it’s a winner. After the boost from Shadow of the Colossus, they wanted the next one to be out, making them more money.

I’m trying to be respectful to the developer and allow them the time to really craft the piece that they want to show to the world. At the same time, we’re bored. We don’t want to wait any longer. Consumers and fans can only wait for so long before they give up and move on. That’s why we have so much crap in the gaming world. All of the good stuff takes too long to develop or gets shelved because it takes too long to develop.


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