Thursday, March 14, 2013

EA...SimCity Can Have Offline Mode. Just Saying.

People are, of course, already modding SimCity. While Maxis has said in previous statements that modding the game won’t get you banned, and the creative art director for the game at EA said it probably won’t happen, I’d still be very cautious about doing so. 

But that hasn’t stopped some. UKAzzer published a video on Reddit that shows him messing with the game and adding a few mods. In particular, expanding the highways beyond their boundaries, editing outside of the city’s limits. Even leaving his game for a few hours and coming back to find that they are still there. He has also tweaked with the settings to get an “offline” mode working to an extent. The game has a built-in disconnect timer at 20 minutes. If you are dropped from EA’s servers unexpectedly, you can still play for up to 20 minutes before the game boots you. UKAzzer has tweaked it so you can still play offline. Now granted none of the saving, regional features, or synching will, of course, not work offline, but you can still play the game. EA’s assumption that it would be too difficult to create an offline mode is, well, bull at this point. Someone just modded your game to make it happen. It looks possible EA. What say you?


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