Monday, March 25, 2013

Ouya - Back With Console Release Info

Back from PAX East. I’ll have a full write-up as soon as I have pictures uploaded. Because talking about PAX is pointless without the photos. Though my highlights would have to be the Rooster Teeth, aka Red vs. Blue guys spazzing out over my costume when I picked up a GriffBall (you’re welcome bro!) and meeting a Nyreen (Mass Effect 3, Omega DLC). Glorious.

The Ouya system running off of Android will be launching this week on March 28th. And what are the first games that will be available to customers? Well how does an NES emulator and Super Mario sound? One has been submitted to the Ouya team for review and should be available by launch, including a Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 emu.

Whether or not Ouya will approve them is another story, but it would be a stance for a console that could easily garner it sales. Legally, well that’s another story. Nintendo can deal with them about it. But really, who hasn’t played an emulator? Every system, every phone, every OS system has one. And if Ouya doesn’t give the nod, people will still develop and share the coding. It’s going to happen. May as well embrace it!


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