Wednesday, March 20, 2013

PAX East. I'm Cool/Not Poor Enough To Go!

I’ll be skipping off to PAX East this weekend, which means no new posts from me until I return. I have this thing about not using my phone, or borrowing someone’s tablet to type up a post. I need to have a keyboard. I need to be sitting down in front of a computer in order to communicate my thoughts. And a tablet or a phone just doesn’t work.

PAX East is huge. 60k+ people guaranteed. It’s the start of the gaming season where geeks converge from around the country and companies show off their wares. The thing that I appreciate about PAX is that they showcase indie developers. While some companies get larger booths because of their spending (Capcom looks like it ate a quarter of the floor space), indie devs get an equal amount of respect, and that’s awesome.

And I was surprised at the amount of panel content made available and not solely focused on future releases. Gamification and Learning. Do JRPG’s Still Matter. Sex in Games-dealing with sexism. Narrative Design. Just to name a few. They’re being held by all walks of life: game journalists (Kotaku and Destructoid will be there), university professors, gave developers, etc.

If I find anything of awesome interest, I’ll log into my phone and shoot out a blog message. Hopefully a photo or two. Expect a full report when I get back!

Oh and there is a Mario Kart DS, Mario Kart 7, and GoldenEye 64 tournies. Done. Signed up and going!


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