Thursday, March 07, 2013

Tabletop Games - We Video Gamers Love Them Too

March 30th is International Tabletop Day, and Will Wheaton wants you to play. For those who don’t know, Will Wheaton is a geek. Good to know some in the Star Trek alumni are. He is currently the host of a gaming session with other geek celebrities called TableTop with Geek & Sundry. And now he’s helping to promote this year’s ITTD. 

The primary motivation behind making “TableTop” is to share with the world how much I love tabletop board games. And my ulterior motive with the creation of the show is to make more gamers in the world.

That’s the way to go Will!

It’s a day to put down the controllers, grab your friends, and play a table top game. And this isn’t limited to DnD. This can be your favorite board game too! I’m surprised Hasbro and Milton Bradley (are they still around) haven’t jumped in on this. It’d be a perfect tie-in to their Family Game Night promotions.

For many of us, our first memories of gaming are with a board game. Probably Monopoly, Scrabble, or Pictionary while we yelled at mom and dad to guess what the heck it is that they’re drawing.

“It’s a pig! Do you guys not know what a pig looks like!”

“It looks like a typewriter dad…”

It’s good that this isn’t just for the geeky games, but an all inclusive tabletop day. I might pull out Risk. Love that game. Will just wants to spread his love of tabletop games to all, and make a few new converts. There’s nothing wrong with that. :D


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