Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Video Game Pilots - New Wave For Testing Games?

Kojima is a genius. We know this already. With the onslaught of new gaming systems coming our way, he and his brilliant mind have come up with an idea to help reduce production costs. Create video game pilots

Much like a television show, the pilot for a video game would take much less time, Kojima projects no more than a year. It could be then released onto consoles through a download method or streaming and gauge the audience’s purchases. If there’s enough interest, then the full game can be developed. Think about all of the time and money saved from games that flop on the market. Your big name titles will still be there, but it also gives budding developers a chance to break into the business. A mini-episode of the game that can turn into a contract deal with a big publisher because of your initial sales? How awesome would that be.

Why the concern to save money other then the obvious reasons? With the new consoles there is an estimated increase of 5-10% with production costs to keep up with the technology.  Any way to cut those down would be a big help to all sources.


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