Monday, April 08, 2013

April 4, 2010

I can’t believe I’m still keeping up with this blog. This entire premise started with a goal to make a blog last a year. I have others. In fact 4 of them that didn’t make it past month 5. It wasn’t for lack of trying. It was probably laziness coupled with interests being diverted in the real world. So having a blog go beyond a year is a triumph as far as I’m concerned.

My views and opinions have grown and altered, and sometimes stuck firmly to the ground. I still think the Call of Duty franchise is in the crapper. I still hate EA, even though I’ve been suckered into Mass Effect and am now a super-fan in ways that I never thought would be possible. That is mostly BioWare’s doing. If it were a sole EA title I would not have considered touching it. And now I have a space husband. /sigh Garrus. Why did you have to be so cool?

Of course with my never-ending non-love for EA, The 501st is still one of my more memorable posts.  Just about this time last year, The Consumerist released their 7th annual Worse Company in America poll, that looks a lot like a March Madness tourney bracket, and EA was voted online as the worse company out there. I remember that day. It was fantastic. In fact, EA is in the final round against Bank of America (another company I really dislike) this year, so go vote. It takes longer to load the webpage then it does to vote.  We’ll find out who wins tomorrow. And the rant by Mr. Moore at EA is just hilarious; how the heck does EA expect us to take them seriously anymore?  You better believe I will be following up with a wonderful post about that!

This blog is not entirely focused on hating EA and Call of Duty. Another of my favorite posts was about the current state of horror games, in that they do not scare me. They are filled with gross with nasty-looking enemies, but scary? Nope. I miss the early Resident Evil days where the purpose was to terrify you, making you question what’s lurking in the hallway. I’m glad to see Fatal Frame and Silent Hill carry on this tradition, even though they are rare finds.

And the always loved topic of gaming movies that I can’t stop posting about. My thoughts on the genre of gaming movies have evolved over the years. I even posted a revised stance about my position. We are still a ways off from getting the perfect video game film, but we are making progress.

I feel that my blog posts have evolved over the past year. In Defense of the Bittersweet Ending is one that I’m still shocked that I wrote.  It sounds like me, and it doesn’t, if that makes a lick of sense.

But to really understand where my brain is at, you have to look at my Top 10 list of games. It’s vibrant, chaotic, unique, and varied, yet it explains so much about who I am. A list that I made nearly a year and a half ago and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it. Ask me in about 10 years; more than likely it will still be the same.

One thing has remained clear throughout my posts: I love video games. I have a deep respect for the craft and, for as much sh*t I might give to a developer, I understand the challenges they have to face. We are in a very interesting place for gaming. Consoles are prepping for the next upgrade. Mobile and independent games are taking over. People who are not white and male are taking a stand against the stereotypes in the industry. This is a great time to blog about games. We’re going to see a shift, one that I hope gaming will come out of a much better and brighter place. And I’ll still be here, blogging about it.


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