Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How To Thwart Pirates!

Since yesterday was about DRM and pirating games, let's continue with the scallywag talk. IGN was kind enough to introduce a list of 8 of the funniest in-game anti-piracy attempts by developers. I completely forgot about the Serious Sam 3 and GTA:4 attempts. Serious bonus points if you can do a mission in "pirate" crazy camera mode while being dunk Niko. Just thinking about it gives me a headache.

This all came about via Greenheart Games, a developer that has released a product called Game Dev-Tycoon. Summary: You are a fledgling game company working to get your content on the market-Railroad Tycoon meets a work day. On the day that they released their game, which is about $8 for PC and MAC, they also uploaded a copy to The Pirate Bay, effectively pirating their own game. What the users of Pirate Bay didn't know is that the game had a twist from the legal copy: at a point during the cycle, your company will go broke because your game gets pirated. Irony!

This made enough of an impact at The Pirate Bay that they took the copy down from their site. And Pirate Bay doesn't remove anything! An interesting twist on the fight against pirates.


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