Thursday, April 04, 2013

LucasArts To Close - Titles Being Sold

*head desk* Disney has begun on their quest to make fanboys really hate them.

In an announcement yesterday, Disney, which now owns Lucasfilm Ltd. and it's subsidiaries, is no longer producing titles under LucasArts. Instead they will sell off the licenses versus creating the products in-house and close the studio.

Why is this a bad idea? Well I'll reference all of the Nintendo games from back in the day when licensing wasn't corralled. Have you seen Legend of Zelda and Mario when Nintendo didn't have control of them? It was horrible. Just imagine what will happen to the LucasArts titles when they are no longer being monitored. this isn't just Star Wars. They own Mercenaries, Thrillville, and The Secret of Monkey Island, just to name a few.

Okay maybe giving up those titles to other developers won't be bad. I admit to my curiosity if someone else works on Mercenaries 3 or Monkey Island. But for Star Wars this could be asking for trouble. It could easily open up a slew of really bad games looking for a quick buck because of the Star Wars title. Heck, even LucasArts started BECAUSE of all of the Star Wars clones. Lucas originally sold the game rights to other companies and we got a lot of crappy Star Wars games. No seriously. If you think Kinect Star Wars was bad, just Google "Bad Star Wars games" and you will pull up a lot of pre-LucasArts products that are horrific. Once the licenses were brought back in-house, the product quality drastically increased, and the legacy of Star Wars lives on. Not to mention cannon issues. If we start seeing 2,000 year old Jedi from the Old Republic era talking to Jar-Jar Binks, we have some issues. Yes I know TOR is BioWare/EA, but the point still stands.

Disney, you have some explaining to do.


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