Monday, May 06, 2013

Art & Gaming - Local Level

Controller & Canvas. If you live in the Mesa, AZ area, this Saturday May 11th you should drop by this event being held at the Bookmans Entertainment Exchange. Anabel Martinez, an artists and video game fiend, created the event to help showcase how video games are art, through canvas, pixels, costumes, and everything in-between. The event began last year, and it had to have been successful enough to prompt a return.

I would love to see more events like this crop up around the country. This isn’t just a “let’s play games” marathon. People are actively engaged in discussing about video games, their purpose, and their future. Sure there are some gaming mini-tourneys and trivia, all benefiting a local children’s charity and hospital, but as a whole, it looks at the art of video games and promotes creativity.

I want more of this in Texas. Where is this stuff? Gearbox I’m looking at you. You’re just down the street. Let’s make this happen!


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