Monday, May 20, 2013

Best And Worse Violent Game Theory EVER!

Spit-Take Warning.

Whatever you are drinking, swallow it now before you read the following sentence. Because I nearly spat coffee all over my monitor.


Professor Dong Won Cho from a college in South Korea believes that violent video games are physically harming our bodies because, get this, they make video cards run hotter and therefore emit more radio waves. 


They tested this by running different games on a video card. At idle mode it’s about 36 Degrees C, which is about normal. 45 Degrees C during a racing game. But it jumps to 57 Degrees C during a “violent game.” Which completely ignores the hundreds of thousands of users that utilize graphic cards for design, video and digital editing, and what-not. Hell I probably output more heat editing videos for my podcasts then I ever could for a game.

He seems serious enough about his findings that he wants to present his paper to a symposium. But this is also apparently a man who said watching porn will cause unmarried men to have liver damage. Well, I hope you enjoyed the laugh on another crappy Monday. Yea!


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