Monday, May 13, 2013

BW: Blasto. Get It Done.

There is only Blasto!
Some of the BioWare peeps held an interview with OXM to talk about, what else, Mass Effect; where it’s been, where they want to go, and some insight into the design process. Needless to say, yes, everyone in the first game needed to have a human skeleton for easier coding.

One thing that they have been postulating in interviews and on their forum hub (they actually do read and get involved on their forums unlike most devs) is creating a series of spin-offs for pre-existing characters. Garrus is taking top spot amongst the team because who doesn’t love the Turian? And if you don’t, you have a problem. And from a story stand point, his would be the most detailed and flashed out. Garrus is a hero in his own right, from his small victories at C-Sec to Archangel and beyond.

But it would also be very easy to flesh out Aria’s story. With the Omega DLC, we got a taste for what that type of game could look like, and her history is chock full of goodies that it would be hard to resist. Or Javik, the Prothean that managed to survive the last Reaper attack and get’s forced from his slumber by Shepard. One fo the dev’s mentioned a more melee-style game with the Krogans. Even the Illusive Man got a nod. His past was fleshed out in a mini comic series and, you have to admit, it would be interesting to play through his rise to power and the First Contact war. 

What we can gather from all of this is that the story of Shepard is done. They are putting that to rest, as they should. I think the fans have way more fun coming up with their own conclusions on life after Mass Effect through art and fan fiction. But with so many possibilities in the galaxy…sh*t. I got it.

Blasto. The Hanar Spectre. Done. Best selling game right there. BioWare, you’re welcome.


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