Thursday, May 09, 2013

Some EA Games Not Going To Wii-U

So expediently but not so much, EA has candidly stated that some of their next-gen titles will probably not make it to the Wii-U. Another scratch on the not-system, system that it really doesn't need right now. Granted that a lot of the content on Nintendo consoles tend to be direct. But third-parties like EA do make up a chunk of their sales. See: Madden and Fifa.

They  have been developing Frostbite 3 and with testing on 2 the Wii-U is sluggish. It's not holding up to the standards and demands needed to run the games properly. So the logical course is to remove Wii-U from the equation. Heck it doesn't even run the Unreal 4 engine, a staple in the gaming economy.

This could be a detriment to the future of the Wii-U, a console Nintendo has been hedging their bets on in 2013 and 2014 to make a turn. The problem is EA is a large company with a lot of influence. If you can't get their games to work on your non-system, system, then what do you do? People will naturally move away from the Wii-U and back to the PC, 360, or PS3 to get their games. EA is just that big and powerful. I don't know how or if Nintendo can resolved this. It'll be another task to add to their laundry list.


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