Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Xbox One Revealed

Note: In light of the E3 presentation, some edits have been made to the original post as of 6/12/13.

Weird ass DVD Player?
Nope! It's the Xbox One.

So yesterday Microsoft announced their new console. I didn’t really watch the live-stream. My computer was in rendering mode for a podcast episode so I couldn’t watch and render at the same time and expect to understand what the hell was going on. (Lag fairies of doom and all.)

Microsoft is presenting us with the Xbox One.

Seriously the Durango sounded way better. We have the Xbox, the 360, now we’re going back to One? What? Though granted 720 wasn’t any better of a name, but I’m starting to think these guys are intentionally naming these things to confuse and overwhelm us.

Names aside, Microsoft is pushing this as not a console but an entertainment system to take over virtually every aspect of your electronic life. In fact they spent the first 30 some-odd minutes of their presentation on just that. No games! The system has been designed to integrate applications such as Skype, live TV, and the like. The specs are a heafty hard drive (500 gigs), 8-core processor and blu-ray (no one can escape that these days). They are trying to do what the Playstation does, but with Microsoft products.

Gaming-wise, well we’re up in the air. Because here is issue #1:

Okay seriously guys? Did you not learn from Sony’s mistake with the Playstation 3? Why the f*** would we drop money on a new system if we can’t play our old games? Hell not even the digital downloads of older titles will be allowed. That’s just lame times a thousand. Sony, ball is in your court. Make the PS4 backwards compatible and you’ll be a hit. It’s as simple as that.

Microsoft’s reasoning is that they want to provide a completely different experience to their consumers and…well it really doesn’t matter does it? A lot of us have dumped thousands into our Xbox 36 library and now we can’t play them if we move over to the Xbox One. So why bother “upgrading?”

Issue #2: A Kinect is required to use the Xbox One. But your old Kinect won’t work. Nope!

Issue #3: You have to buy a brand new Kinect specifically made for the Xbox One. Yep. That money you spent getting the Kinect and games last year? Complete waste now!

Good things to take away from the Microsoft FAQ: Those rumors about the “always online” internet connect are false. A net connection is not required to play games on the Xbox One. That will still be in the hands of the game developers. Second is that used and traded games can be played on the system. There won’t be a DRM installed to prevent that. Even better is that your game won’t be locked to your system. With the Cloud based save/storage set-up, you can play your game at a buddy’s house, so long as you are signed in to your account.

Any current account with a Gold Membership will retain all of it’s playtime, and your gamertag and gamerscore will transfer over.

As a whole, I’m really disappointed in this system. It’s as through Microsoft did 0 marketing or testing runs to really ask people what they wanted and are making baseless assumptions. I’ve spent years building up my collection for my 360 and now it’s all moot? What’s the point in upgrading? I’ll just stick to my 360, thanks.


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