Tuesday, May 28, 2013

UKIE To Start Including Digital Sales

UKIE (UK Interactive Entertainment) is wanting to make a change to their system. They currently update weekly gaming sales for the UK, but the system is based on which companies sign up with their services to provide the data. This isn’t like the Nielson system in the U.S. that looks at the collective data from all television networks. The UKIE doesn’t have the means to research this information on a week by week basis. Instead it asks for help from the publishers.

But now they want to include digital sales. As the market has changed, so much content we receive is online and downloaded without a disc. Without these sales numbers, the results are skewed. UKIE is also wanting to include DLC purchases. It still requires the company to sign up and provide the sales data, which will then be verified through a series of sources, but when it’s free, it’s not a bad idea. It can give indie developers a chance to showcase how well their products are selling now that they have an authoritative source confirming their stats.

UKIE plans to expand to include MMO’s and mobile games based on subscription fees (i.e. how many people signed up for WoW this month) and Steam. Currently Steam downloads are not included, but will be soon-even though Steam does not share it’s sales data with anyone, UKIE has ways to verify them. This change in the system could really open up how mobile games are considered in our ever-expanding universe.

Also, Amazon is offering gaming Gold Box deals today, and some pretty good titles are in the mix including Injustice and the latest Tomb Raider.


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