Thursday, June 06, 2013

Save Money-Post E3 High

E3 will be soon upon us, and as the slew of new consoles and titles are announced, a lot of people look to June/July to start making purchases of systems they don't have. But Wait! This time of year is usually the worse when it comes to buying anything, even though sales are always up (seriously, look at GameStop's numbers during this time, they are always high and not just because of Madden) because people are in a post E3-high.

Awh man...Luke on Kotaku already beat me too it this morning. Dangit! Whelp...I'm still posting!

I know it's tempting to buy stuff now when you really want to game, because E3 really makes all of us want to game every year even during the crappy shows, but trust us when we say to wait it out.

Reason 1: Price Cuts. Knowing that a PS4 and Xbox One is on the horizon for the winter, the current gen PS3 and Xbox360 will get a price cut. But not now. Right now those consoles are still selling well at their price range. We won't see the cuts until this holiday season when companies focus on pushing the new systems, and letting the "older" ones get away with a lower dollar. It happens every time there is a new system. There will be price cuts. Just wait them out.

Reason 2: Holiday Season = Bundles. What better way to get some of the AAA title games then to bundle it with a system. If you're looking for a new 360, just wait until September/October. Sony and Microsoft have consistently been offering a new system with 2-3 games and an extra controller for about the same price as the system by itself. And now with a probably price-cut, you're going to get more for your money.

Reason 3: New Models? There is a photo floating around of a new Wii console that is smaller, slimmer, and lighter, and because of it, it will be cheaper at retail. Sony has been at the forefront of offering smaller systems of their predecessor. The Playstation spawned the PSOne. The PS2 created the PS2 Slim. These offshoots have always been cheaper for the same content. Cheaper is good, so wait it out. E3 may add in a few of these on the floor show.

Reason 4: The PS4 and XboxOne may not be all that they are cracked up to be. Look what happened to the Playstation Vita and the Nintendo non-iPad iPad. Systems with potential but have faltered. And knowing that the XboxOne will have 0 backwards compatibility a lot of gamers are going to sit back and wait until Microsoft changes their minds (guys...look what happened when Sony did it. It was stupid). I know that waiting doesn't always work. The PS3 went through their early models at 60/80 gig that WERE back compat before phasing them out. But why waste money on a product that you may not enjoy? Give it time. Let the reviews come out. Then make a decision.

Key point: Patience. It is a virtue and necessary as E3 hits us.


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