Thursday, June 27, 2013

This Was On Fox News???

I think…we are in an alternate realm. There is someone on Fox News who believes that video games and real world violence are not linked. Can someone get me a shot of whisky? I think my mind just exploded. Or at least double check to make sure that we are not in the Matrix. K? Thanks.

The Fox News Correspondent is John Stossel who considers himself a Libertarian. I think that’s Fox News way of trying to seem more “fair” with their reporting standards. He’s the type of man that says there are worse things out there then the NSA breaking into our phones, but he also wants to lower defense spending. So…he’s not really a Fox News type of guy. He’s just confused on what a Libertarian means. Still, the fact that Fox News even allowed him to talk about violent video games without having the offensive position is…well…remarkable.

He held his show recently and asked Franklin Graham, son of infamous televangelist Billy Graham, and argued about violent video games contributing to an “epidemic” of violence in America. And at every point Franklin brought up, John turned it down. “Nope. There is no direct evidence that video games cause violence. Yes there are a lot of studies, but most of them are flawed and very contradictory. And the fact is, as video game sales have gone up, violence has gone down. Not to mention there are a number of first world, game playing countries, where violence is low. So it’s something in our culture that’s spurring the violence, but it’s not games.”

Holy crap John. Why are you on Fox News? You must be so underpaid or about to get the boot. But…man…thanks. Someone with common sense is on the news. Who knew.


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