Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Twitch Partner With ReedPOP (PAX) has become the official live streaming partner of ReedPOP, the company who handles conventions such as PAX, PAX East, and New York Comic Con. has been assisting with live streaming events from these conventions for the past few years, but now it’s officially official. will be expanding to Chicago’s Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) and possibly PAX Australia, though word on that is still not confirmed.

As we prepare for the release of new consoles this winter, is trying to stand out and make a name for itself as a competitor. UStream has lined up a deal with Sony’s Playstation 4, and the Xbox One (guys…stupid name, super cereal) will have its own services. wants to be the name that you think of when it comes to gaming events and streaming at expos and conventions. And it’s been good so far. I remember them at RTX last year and they were very professional and a well-run group. If they can lock up the convention and expo floors, they won’t have to worry about the onslaught of UStream.


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