Friday, June 21, 2013

XBoxOne NOT The Worse Thing To Happen In Gaming

I understand why the XBoxOne and Microsoft have made total asses of themselves. But declaring it as one of the “10 Greatest Disasters” in gaming history is a bit…presumptuous. Well that’s’ what the UK Guardian decided to do, along with a myriad of other really bad examples on their list. It’s almost as though they want the XBoxOne debacle to have top billing.

Listen. I get it. I know that we all freaked out about the XBoxOne and Sony became our savior. Hell they still are, offering us a myriad of features that the Xbox just can’t compete with, and for $100 less! But this is just the start of the new console wars. We haven’t even seen how it will be accepted on the marketplace now that the non-DRM, DRM has been removed. Let’s at least give the system a chance to redeem itself before we start throwing it on the “worse moment ever” bus along with the craptacular suggestions on the list. Seriously. Guardian…try harder next time. If the Nintendo 64 cartridges are the best you can come up with, you need to get someone who can research beyond 5 seconds of looking at Google, or knows video games. Last I checked, the N64 sold pretty damn well and cartridges were still a preferred method of gaming at that time while CD’s were new and had multiple issues. Just saying…better examples next time.
Now. Back onto the Xbox bashing wagon. Not for “worse event ever” but  it still is enjoyable to capitalize on Microsoft’s faux-paus moment.


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