Monday, July 08, 2013

Disney Infinity Truck Tour

I really wanted to read this article from Aussie-Gamer about why region locking is a good thing, because really, that sounds like a load of crap but you know what? I’m willing to give it a read. However! The server is down so I won’t be checking that out right now.We’ll have to save that read for later.

Instead! The Disney Infinity train is rolling with a cross-country promotional tour. The game/action figure mash-up will be working its way from California at Comic Con to Michigan and Boston with a few stops in-between. The huge truck (which you can’t miss, I mean look at it), will offer demos, photo ops, giveaways, contests, and entertainment provided by Radio Disney. Infinity is shaping up to be quite a unique experience for both online and offline modes, with the ability to trade your characters at Disney parks and Disney store locations. I wish it were stopping by here in Texas so I could get a better look. Hell even as an adult I’m interested in this. You can find the full transit info at the Infinity website


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