Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Critic Dump

This Friday post I wanted to showcase a few gems on the internet focusing on video game theory, philosophy, sociology, and criticism. Basically, you have to think a little bit if you read these articles. But it's worth it! I promise!

Let's start out with Zombie Genocidest. A mom tests the waters by letting her son play Left 4 Dead 2 to allow him the experience of the game while avoiding desensitization.

Nightmare Mode brings an interesting piece about the male gaze in video games. This is a subject I have broached on several times in the past, in particular with conjunction with film. But what I really appreciate about the article is that they take on different types of games. It's not just an RPG or an FPS, but multiple types of games that the concept applies to.

GameCritics has a one-off piece about the shooting mechanics in Bioshock:Infinite and how they relate the the story.

And a personal favorite now: Growing up with Animal Crossing and nostalgia. How the adult audience's love for the series and our desire for a simpler time.


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