Monday, July 15, 2013

The Living Video Game

If you have any interest in the future of gaming outside of the digital platform, you should check out Mashable’s article regarding ‘the living game’. It’s basically taking the principles of game design and applying them to biology and science while using technological elements as basic as wires from a toaster oven.

What makes this an interesting study are all of the ethical and moral questions that they pose. Because, in essence, these “life games” use single-cell organisms that have no neural activity and no nervous system to grow, live, adapt, and eventually be killed off when the game is concluded. Hell this opens up a giant realm of religious content that is begging to be debated. Does the “gamer,” in this situation, have the right to manipulate life in order to gain knowledge? Can we create life for the purpose of a game? And do we have the right to destroy it as easily as we have created said life?

This is something that can’t easily be answered in a blog post, but I do encourage you all to read the piece.

I know. You all can hate me later for forcing you to think on a Monday morning, but I promise it’s worth the discussion.


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