Monday, July 29, 2013

WoW is Still Losing Subscriptions

World of Warcraft is starting to falter in its numbers. It’s still the top MMO with 7 million subscribers. But for a game that use to boast 12 million, that’s a big drop in a short time frame. A few months ago it lost nearly 1.2 million.  In the last quarter it’s down another 600k. The release of the Mists of Pandaria expansion helped boost numbers temporarily, but the game has been on a steady decline.

The company is still doing well, there is no doubt about it. Just a week ago Activision bought their freedom from Vivendi so they can better control their finances. All $5.83 billion’s worth. We might see Blizzard take more risks, and Activision will still produce the annual Call of Duty games.

But anyway! I don’t believe WoW will go anywhere soon. They still have a pretty loyal fan base. They also have the newbie friendly factor. In that, the game is really easy for anyone to pick up and play with little to no gaming experience. Two months later you’ve spent money  on the game, expansions, and 60 days of game time. Blizzard got their money’s worth. It also doesn’t have a progressive story-line that requires you to be active at every moment in the game (which is one of my big issues with WoW and why I can't last for more then 2 months without submitting to boredom-not to mention level 40 in less then a week with a full time job and school? Yeah. Too easy). You can quit for 7 months and come back without worries. So some of these subscribers that have left will return. The margin may be small, but it’s still likely. WoW is still king of the MMO’s even as other’s start taking over the market. We won’t see it leave until Blizzard’s Titan is release. When that will be well… maybe 2016. Their current competition is League of Legends, an MOBA not an MMO. So really…WoW is doing fine.


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