Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Little Weekly Pick-Me Up

PBS, the official governing body of PBS, not one station/area in particular, has begun a weekly web series: Game/Show. The weekly show produced by Kornhaber Brown, known for other geek related web series, will be focusing specifically on video games and a wide variety of topics. The first episode is aptly titled: Will Mario, Link, and Sonic Last Forever?

This seems to be in the vein of most web videos were episodes won’t go over 5 minutes, maybe 10 at most, and are quick snippets of answers to ever expanding questions. Not deep critical thinking, but enough to get the juices flowing. So I’d imagine they will tackle such topics as violence in gaming but with a quick glance instead of the in-depth review we were hoping to see. The first episode is very bland and broad in scope, nor does it really answer the question that it proposes. While the games in question are very much re-writes on The Hero’s Journey, it doesn’t completely explain their lasting power on our culture. We still play Mario, Link, and Sonic games for reasons beyond the story. Much like we still watch Star Wars and care about the franchise beyond the characters.

So while I commend PBS for becoming more involved in the gaming community, I don’t expect much past the 5 minute time window to really develop. But hey, if it helps critical thinking…


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