Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Linking Roundup

Good morning kids!

Well today I'm completely blogging it in. I'm busy. And I'm sure you're busy. So here is a link roundup.

If you want to feel smart, Gamasutra's weekly Video Game Criticism post is up.

The Christian Science Monitor explains why GTAIV is NOT the reason that 8 year old shot his grandmother. I have to use this quote, because it probably best explains the entire situation regarding politics and media vs gaming: "It's just not as politically sexy as claiming that GTA is murdering children."

 There is a Japanese Horse Racing game that is confusing the crap out of this guy.

Kotaku shows a few pieces that will be at this years PAX Prime Art Show. (Loving the Phoenix Wright as Superman pose.)

And the Motley Fool looks at Disney Infinity.


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