Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Literal Citizen Kane of Video Games

Yes, I still think the idiom is stupid and should be banned from any and every language. But someone decided to take the satirical approach and created a Citizen Kane game. No really. It’s a Citizen Kane RPG

It’s a short form, turned based RPG that streamlines the genre to some of the basics: fighting monsters, dressing up, etc. Colors are monotone to replicate the original black and white style of the movie, and minimalist settings to mimic Kane’s home. But instead of the norm, a shark guides the player throughout the game and it’s accompanied by a Hip-Hop soundtrack. I’m not sure Orsen Wells would appreciate that, but okay. And apparently there’s a dating mini game. Intersting.

Obviously, this was made in jest, and I want to play it so I can have a few minutes to laugh about the fact that someone made a game out of Citizen Kane. But there you go. Now that we have one, can we stop comparing EVERYTHING to that damn movie


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