Thursday, October 17, 2013

Activision Wants Their Biggest Sales Record Title Again

When GTA5 broke the sales record for a billion dollars in three days, it didn’t just make heads turn, it caused the powers that be to shift in their seats. Activision has held onto the top spot for years with each release of Call of Duty overselling the last. Call of Duty Black Ops sold $1 billion’s worth over a course of 6 weeks. Black Ops 2 grossed it in 15 days. So Activision has a lot of catching up to do in order to regain their title.

With CoD: Ghosts releasing November 5th, they hope to do just that. $1 billion in less than 3 days. 

Um…good luck with that guys. They’re not only competing against the GTA5 and the latest Fifa, but both Sony and Microsoft are releasing brand new consoles this holiday season. Gamers are going to be hard pressed to drop so much money in such a short time frame. But Eric Hirshberg, Activision Publishing CEO, is confident about the sales.

We're always up against iconic titles, and I know people like to tell a clash-of-the-titans story, but I feel there's lots of evidence that there's room for more than one successful game, and indeed more than one successful blockbuster. And if people only have money for a few games, I like our chances that Call of Duty will be one of them."

There is no doubt that people will buy Call of Duty. It’s a staple of the gaming environment. But, will they be willing to drop so much money in such a short time frame? I doubt it. Unlike CoD, GTA doesn’t maintain an annual release. They spend years crafting their products to ensure they are at their best by the time they are released. And they continually tweak them to update and upgrade, and add more stories so people get more than their money’s worth from their product. GTA4 maintained success for years after its initial release. CoD isn’t like that in the least bit. Because they pump out games every year, it’s difficult to build a following and loyalty to the brand. Again, Ghosts will sell, but not at the speed Activision will need to reclaim their lost title.


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