Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Item Bag Weight - For Science!

Ever wondered how much weight a game character actually carries when they have their seemingly endless inventory right at their finger tips? Probably not, but Vsauce decided it was a worthy cause and created a video of reality and physics versus gaming world logic. No surprise that the things characters can carry is ridiculous. “A crap load” seems like a very scientific term when you think about the amount of stuff they have in reserve. “You mean I can carry a rocket launcher, three submachine guns, this ax, this ice pick, this flame thrower, 5 grenades, and still have plenty of space left for my lunch?”

The science is interesting. I mean, we all know that in reality we would never be able to bear the weight of a GTA main character, but it’s still fun to discuss. In GTAV we’re looking at anywhere from 600-800 pounds, or your average sports motorcycle on your back. And then there’s Minecraft, which gets up to metric tons and at that point it gets silly. Vsauce also decided to break down the weight of the human brain, or the emotional weight of Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles action figures. Which is a lot. At that point it's a magical bag of loot. There is no other explanation needed.

Enjoy science today!


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