Monday, October 28, 2013

Playstation 4 Day One Updates

It's almost to be expected now that when you get a brand new system at launch there will be updates the moment you connect the console online. Sony announced last week that the PS4 would experience the same thing, with a 300MB patch to activate features that would otherwise be dormant with the system.

It'll include features such as Remote Play (certain PS4 titles will be able to transmit to the Vita), Second Screen (those with Vita, tablets, phones, etc with the right linkup can utilize duel-screen mode for the PS4), and UStream/Twitch uploading.

Some features will be a work in progress and not available at launch such as the Suspend mode, which pauses the game and sends the system into a "low power" mode to conserve energy, but allows you to pick it right back up without having to shut down or save.

The download at launch is to be expected at this point, so it's not at all surprising. People can be just a tiny bit more patient while their system does its thing. :D


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