Thursday, November 14, 2013

Even The Pope Does It!

I'm waiting for someone to say "then it must be okay, even the Pope pirates games." Okay so that statement is being taken out of context, but at the London Games Conference, the developers announced that it the latest release of Football Manager, they added a code that would allow them to track the IP's of their users who pirated the game. In all, over 10 million copies were stolen, with China and Turkey among the biggest offenders.

But what else did the developers find? Someone inside the Vatican walls was equally as responsible for stealing a copy of the game. Whoops! Looks like some major pennance is needed to make up for that crime.

While the head of the developer for Football Manager doesn't believe that the 10 million copies equate to 10 million lost sales, they do estimate that the company did lose nearly $4 million in potential profit. That's serious numbers, folks, even for developers as large as EA. While it is amusing that someone in the Vatican pirated a game, the more alarming concern is that this is still happening, even with DRM rules in place (which I would argue causes more people to pirate, not less, in order to go around the restrictions). So what is the solution to reducing piracy, if any? This will eventually lead to lost jobs and lower wages because employees won't be paid for their work. Meaning crappier games down the line and even crappier sequels. Something to think about...


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