Friday, November 22, 2013

Mmmm. Cake.

There are a lot of weird foods in video games, but some of them don't sound half bad to try out. Gourmet Gaming started on this premise and has dabbled in a variety of "game-created" foods to bring them into the real world. Daniella Zelli will try out anything from any game...within reason. Minecraft, Myst, Bioshock, nothing is off limits as long as it can feasibly be made in the real world.

In an interview with CNet, Zelli explains how the blog began with 'The Sinner's Sandwich' from Deadly Premonition. "I began to think of how foods are quite central to a lot of other video games and the idea grew from there." And since there are no cookbooks on these foods (aside from the weird recipes in the video games themselves - I'm looking at you WoW and FF11), a lot of these dishes come from trial and error. "There have been a lot of failures and many posts don't even make it onto the Web site if I'm not happy with the results!"

I stumbled on this blog about a month ago and had to try out the Moogle Pie. My attempt was less then stellar, mostly to do with my oven being 40 years old and does not heat evenly, nor keep a consistent temperature, but the filling was great! I'll be trying out the WoW Wintervale Gingerbread Cookies next.

And because I have to agree with one of the commentators on the CNet article, I can't wait to see the Jill Sandwich either. :D While the posts are a bit inconsistent, I almost wish that she would post the failures as well so we get a full spectrum of what goes into cooking. Until the next food item is up, enjoy making those Mountain Dew Burgers. Or on second thought, don't. It sounds all kinds of wrong.

Oh and the XBoxOne is out. A warm Friday to you all!


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