Wednesday, November 06, 2013

More Binders Full Of Women

They took the Binders Full of Women remark and turned it into something positive. Yea Jill Murray of Ubisoft! She’s one of the writers for the latest Assassin’s Creed release, Black Flag, and spoke at GDC Next yesterday about diversifying women archetypes in games. And binders…we got them full of women! 

The talk was short, only 30 minutes, and wasn’t about pushing for change, rather looking to the future where we find new inspiration and look beyond the common tropes of female characters. The panel also focused on how easily it is to achieve adding strong, diverse women to a game though a 60 second Google search. Murray took a challenge of typing in anything and adding the word “women” to Google and found some amazing people in history that would do wonders to the video game world: Soviet pilots from World War II, Chinese empresses, Syrian snipers, and everything in-between.

"Imagine how much more you could find, with more time than I used.”

The point that Murray was trying to make was not about women in the armed forces or in powerful positions, but that the excuse of there not being enough female protagonists to act as a resource for characters is just lazy; when in 60 seconds of Googling, she found dozens of women that would be perfect in a game. I hope they have the entire panel online soon to watch. I’m curious to see how she addressed this to the audience, and their reaction.


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