Monday, November 18, 2013

More Random News To Poke Your Brain

I was looking for a weird PS4/XboxOne hybrid, but this will do.

I was going to talk about video games and movies specifically how games are influencing movies, but researching and pulling up articles, I found this one with an error in the first paragraph prevented me from giving two craps and following-through. (Seriously guys, if you’re going to be a half-ass “journalist” at least get your facts right! The PS4 was released this past Friday, not Thanksgiving week, and the XboxOne is this upcoming Friday, not last Friday, DAH!) I didn’t have the heart for it today, so this will be a tale for another time.

Instead, you’re getting mini-clips once again. Deal with it. I know you can handle it.

  • Sony has sold 1 Million Playstation 4 systems within 24hours of release. Damn. That’s a lot of Playstations. And this is only in the U.S. Microsoft is going to have some stiff competition this week to try and outdo Sony. Now granted, Microsoft has a stronger foothold in North America. Their system is more popular here than in Asian and European markets, so it could very well break the precedent the PS4 has set. But combined with Asian and Europe, I get the feeling the PS4 is going to win this holiday release.

  • If you’re not up on your New York Times, Stephen Totilo of Kotaku fame teamed up with another reporter for an article about the “Gaming Concierge.” I.E. is there a reason to still call the new wave of gaming consoles, well…consoles? They have grown leaps and bounds since the last cycle that no one gaming system only plays games. You can surf the internet, you can watch movies and tv shows, you can hold chat parties, and the new systems are going to allow for live-streaming and more connectivity to your everyday lives. The last true gaming console is long gone. We not have entertainment systems that integrate with our current tv set-ups. Insightful and thought-provoking. And while the PS4 is setting itself up to be more gamer based for its launch, we all know it’s a multi-faceted system. Is it safe to proclaim that the gaming console is dead?

  • While we ponder about the dead gaming console, someone is being gutsy and saying Call of Duty is in decline. Shocking! And as I’ve pointed out in a previous posting, even the reviewers who gave the game top ratings are still not happy to see the repetitive nature of CoD. It’s time for a change. For all of their boasting and gallivanting to try and beat GTAV’s sale numbers, it was for naught. Ghosts did not sell near as well as Black Ops 2, and even when you add in the XboxOne and PS4 numbers (yes those copies were out for sale before the consoles launched), it’s still short in comparison to BO2’s early sales. The only thing Ghosts has going for it are the updates and customization to multiplayer, including a female avatar. But when you think about it, that’s kind of sad. The only “new thing” CoD can say is “hey look! We have a female character in multiplayer and you can change your characters clothes!” Sad. Activision, it’s time to review and revamp if you want to save your previous Call of Duty.


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