Friday, November 15, 2013

Oh. Um...The PS4 Is Out.

So if you didn’t hear, the PS4 was released at midnight last night/this morning and thousands of gamers lined up for the release and are now faking sick from school and work. Or are legitimately sick, or requested the day off months ago. Anyway, we know there will be reviews and responses popping up all over the place over the next few days, and for the XboxOne next Friday. To give a reprieve from the internet sensationalism, I’m going to present two completely unrelated PS4 articles. You’re welcome.

  • What You Can Learn From Video Games. Now unlike my list of very silly things video games have taught us over the years, U T San Diego went to BlizzCon last weekend and asked gamers what they really learned by playing games. The answers ranged from teamwork to guild recruitment being just as nerve-wracking as a job interview. There are a lot of commonalities between life and games if you take a little bit of time to look for them.

  • Why Aren’t These 10 Games Being Made Into Movies?  Because video game based films tend to suck and some studios know better? Well maybe not. But there are a number of reasons why gaming movies are not a constant on the big screen. Some of it has to do with licensing agreements. It’s easy to say “we want a Halo movie” but to actually sit down and get the rights for it, step number 1, can be just as expensive as making the film itself. In the case of Jade Empire (which was optioned at one point about 3 years ago), it was dismissed because the developers felt that the offer did not match up with the worth of the product. Another way to spin this: think about racing games. Those are titles LOADED with advertisements from multiple companies. So not only do the production companies have to get the rights to the game, but they also have to purchase rights to the products advertised in the game, even if they never use them on the movie screen because they are all tied under other contracts. Yep. It’s a messy business.

The writer turned his question into a poll, but in all there are 10 movies he’s focused on. So let’s see what he’s got: Bioshock, God of War, Castlevania, Metal Gear Solid (failsauce, that IS being made into a movie), CoD: Black Ops, and Legend of Zelda. Now this is where I’m starting to wonder if the writer has ever been to the movies or even bothered to pay attention to gaming movies over the past few years: Prince of Persia, The 7th Guest, and Halo 2 were the other options. Clearly, missed out on the Persia movie and the Halo talks. The 7th Guest is just a terrible idea for a film and best stays in the odd-little gaming scenario it’s currently in.

List of fail. But at least we’re not talking about the PS4…damn.


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