Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Tuesday News Roundup

Gaming news roundup today. A few pieces of fun things to read from across the vast lands of the interwebs.

  • Best Buy will be releasing a new membership program beginning November 10th called "Unlocked Epic Gaming Package." Yeah it's not the best name, but stick with it for a moment. It will be a subscription based service where for $120, over the course of 2 years customers will receive a 20% discount on all new game purchases, a 10% increased trade-in credit, and 10% off pre-owned games. Not so great that you have to buy the membership, but given that new console season is upon us with games surely to be in the $60-$70 range, after 10 new games, the membership will pay for itself and you're guaranteed at least $10-12 bucks off every new game you purchase from then on out. Over 2 years, if you consume 20 new games, that's $240 worth of savings. So if you're a habitual gamer who needs the new stuff NOW, this isn't a bad way to go.
  • The Verge got their hands on Valve's Steam Box console and wrote up a comprehensive review. While there's nothing fantastic about the technical specs, the console is designed to be upgraded as needed, AND, get this, someone gave a damn about the large parts being able to breathe. Who'd a thunk...And they dive into the mechanics of the touch-pad controller (which Valve is all for new designs and outside companies developing products to improve the machine).
  • Jim Sterling takes another crack at why gaming journalists can't exist in the industry. Mostly stemming from the flow of information and journalists having their hands tied, sometimes legally threatened, to withhold content.
  • And because I always have a soft spot for this, the weekly Video Game Criticisms from Gamasutra is out!
Happy gaming!


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