Wednesday, November 20, 2013


It's that time of year again where we talk about the Spike Video Game awards. Or rather, everyone else talks about it while I ignore it.

But this year, it's different! It's now re branded as VGX 2013. Because everything is cooler and more "hip" when you add in an X to the title. With the change in name also comes a change in the way the show will be broadcasted. Spike TV will not air a live version of the show on cable. Rather, it will be streamed live from their website,, and It will also be available through the streaming systems implemented in the XboxOne, PS4, and the PS3, iPhone, Hulu, and a myriad of other avenues. The award show has grown to not focus on awards, but on interviews and upcoming previews as well, which is why Spike TV feels that live-streaming versus television views would go in the right direction. The "show" will air December 7th.

And well, you know how it goes. It'll be the "popular" games and the highest sales, and sexiest female characters and all that crap. Oh, and celebrities that really do not belong there. That's a sad, common occurrence. Though amused as I am that South Park: Stick of Truth is getting a "Most Anticipated Game" nomination repeat, it's the same crappy show on a new format. Yippie. *twirls a finger in the air*

I'm waiting for a real award show for games to happen. If at all. I think we're better off without one.


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